Individual Session
Build your skill-set so that you can be successful in any team, league or level of play. Strong focus on fundamental skills such as shooting, inside finishing, footwork and ball handling.


Group Sessions
This service is a favorite among many of my clients as it allows you to compete against others. Improve your decision-making and application of your skill set in game situations. Learn to work in a team and play with structure.



All ages and skill levels


Basketball can be hard to play if you're brand new. The movements can be complicated and don't even get me started on the rules! It is not uncommon to see players give up because of this. You need a coach who can guide you in this crucial stage of your basketball journey. You need us.


You've done well to get to this stage. But now is the time to go from good to great. And it's hard to do that alone. To get selected at the elite level you have to stand out.

You have to be noticed. You have to be the best at one thing.

And the fastest way to do that is with a coach. At the prime of his career, Tiger Woods (think golf) had over 26 coaches helping him.


As I mentioned in my bio, the quality of coaching available at the grassroots level needs improvement. The best coaches are coaching the best teams. As a parent, you are investing time (8 hours on average driving to and from games and training) and money to make sure that your kids are having fun but also improving.

We focus on keeping our groups small so we can focus on your child's specific needs. We are also selective in who we train. Too often, a team dynamic is ruined because of an individual. To prevent this, we make sure our athletes are coachable, open to feedback and team-oriented.


Many of my athletes are adults who are currently playing social basketball. The problem is that playing doesn't always lead to improvement.

If you are hungry to get better and don't want to just ``rock up`` to social games, our training is for you. My approach is always to train hard and play easy.
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